Today is June 25, 2017
PGA Junior League Golf

Drive Chip & Putt Championship

Supported by PGA REACH Carolinas


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In 2017, Thousands of boys and girls in the Carolinas will have opportunity to earn an invitation to the 2018 Masters Tournament.

In the Carolinas, there are 12 local qualifiers that lead to 2 sub-regional qualifiers.  The top 2 players in each division at both sub-regional qualifiers are then invited to the Regional qualifier at Pinehurst Resort... and finally, the championship event at Augusta National!

The best part of all is that IT'S FREE and Inclusive to all!  Find your local qualifier below!

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Starting Times & Qualifier Details in the Carolinas:
     •    Most of our qualifiers are scheduled to begin around 10:00 am; however, a few may slightly earlier or later.
     •    Registration for each local qualifier closes at 5:00 PM five days before the competition date.  Therefore, starting times and other event details will be assigned and communicated no later than four days prior.
     •    Competitors will need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned starting time in order to check in and receive notes about the day's qualifier.